I am blessed with a wonderful and very sexy figure. My eyes are a beautiful bright blue and my hair sexy and long and blonde. I have soft porcelain skin that gives me a very sexy but innocent face. I have full pouty lips that I am always complimented on. I guess you can say that my look is typically Scandinavian.

I have a very sensual touch. I believe that if you want to connect with someone, there is no better way to do it than through a long touch. It doesn’t have to be more than a gentle stroke on your arm, but who am I to turn down a relaxing massage?

‘Living life’ is my top priority. I love life’s little luxuries such as fine dining, art, traveling to exotic locations, a fun night out, a shopping spree in London or a whole day of total self-indulgence at a luxury spa. I am also very much an outdoor person. Some of my favorite outdoor activities are skiing, sailing, attending sporting events or diving. However, when all of this is said, sometimes nothing beats a relaxing and intimate evening at home.

I am a very honest, easy going and down to earth person with a positive personality. I adapt easily to social situations.